Long skirts

Asymmetric skirt

Asian-inspired asymmetrical skirts, constructed like kilts in the back with sewn-in pleats, have a longer fabric panel on one side in the front. This gives volume and a very dressy style to the designs. Longer than the kilts presented in the other sections, the asymmetrical skirts go down easily below the knees for those who are not yet ready to reveal them!

Jupe portefeuille longue tissu prince de galles

Size M (see size guide)
Waist 91 cm
Height: 86 cm and 72 cm for the asymmetric part.

Machine washable at 40°.

We can make a similar kilt to order.
This kilt is made in France in Nantes by Romain Granger.
Contact us on souslesjupesdeshommes@gmail.com for more information.

Kilt vert asymétrique

310,00 €

  • 1 kg
  • malheureusement en rupture de stock

Jupe X2

Denim skirt for men, because women already have enough choice of clothes and you will see gentlemen, the skirt does not question your masculinity and we are so well in a skirt.

A must try, denim skirt, because denim is easy to match, and easy to take care of too (composition 95% cotton 5% elastane).

Size XL
Waist : 104 cm
Height : 59 cm

The waist of this skirt is adjustable up to 110 cm.

You can find this skirt for men at the L'Heureux hasard shop, run by Bruno. Trying it on is adopting it!

This "skirt for men" is made by myself in France.

These few lines are for referencing, so not interesting to read for you. I'm going to talk about the skirt for men, as well as the kilts for men that can be found on the online shop www.souslesjupesdeshommes.fr . On the website's shop, you will find a selection of skirts and kilts for men. You can also choose your own fabrics and make a custom-made "men's kilt" or "men's skirt" to your liking. The freedom is in trying it on.

jupe pour homme en jean taille XL

145,00 €

  • disponible
  • 2 à 5 jours de délai de livraison1

Jupe X3

The new two-colour denim skirt is the go-to outfit in your wardrobe for anyone who wants to try out the skirt.

 Denim allows you to create chic or casual looks. The skirt can be worn with a pair of trainers, dress shoes or other. The choice is yours.

 This skirt is available in size M/L in stock.
Waist 92 cm
Height 56 cm

For the other sizes, it is with the order.

 This skirt is machine washable.

 It is made in France.

You can find these "skirts for men" in the shop of l'Heureux hasard in Trentemoult as well as on the website www.souslesjupesdeshommes.fr .
Sous les jupes des Hommes is the only French brand to produce only kilts and skirts for men.

jupe pour homme en jean bi-color taille M/L

140,00 €

  • disponible
  • 5 à 15 jours de délai de livraison1

Jupe en tissu prince de galles grise

Mid-length skirt, which reaches the middle of the shins. This fabric is elegant and easy to match.

A must try as it is a unique piece.

 Size M / L
Minimum waist size: 93 cm (fits up to 98cm)
(see size guide)

 Polyester fabric, machine washable at 30°.

Jupe prince de galles grise taille M/L

290,00 €

  • 1 kg
  • pièce unique
  • 2 à 5 jours de délai de livraison1

Jupe X1

Two-coloured denim skirt.

This skirt for men is made of denim and is reversible. Denim is a timeless fabric that allows this skirt to be fitted with all types of shoes and to create different looks.

This denim skirt is made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, which allows the fabric to wrinkle less (no ironing required!).

The skirt is adjustable at the waist. SIZE L
Waist: 96 cm
Height: 59 cm

This skirt for man is a unique model, I do not have any more of this jean, but I can easily make jean skirts like this model with other colours of jeans or other fabrics.
This skirt for men can be seen in the shop of l'Heureux Hasard in Trentemoult. The shop is open every day except Tuesday from 11am to 7pm.
All the men's clothes on this site are made in France by my little hands. So it's really made in France in my workshop in Bains sur Oust.
You can find other products on the website www.souslesjupesdeshommes.fr ; the only website dedicated to skirts and kilts for men.

jupe en jean bi-color pour homme taille

140,00 €

  • pièce unique
  • 2 à 5 jours de délai de livraison1


The brand sous les jupes des hommes works with suppliers in the Pays de la Loire region. We use fabrics from end of series, resourceries and end of stock in order to reduce our ecological impact. We mainly sell kilts, loincloths and skirts for men's dressing.

We also make skirts and kilts to measure, so don't hesitate to contact us.

For any "made to measure" garment, contact us by clicking on this link.

Our kilts and skirts are made in Redon, Brittany  region. We ship our clothes all over the world.

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