To the first website of French men's kilts and skirts designer

Jupe X1
140,00 €
Jupe X2
à partir de 140,00 €
Jupe X3
à partir de 140,00 €
Kilt Chic à tartan mutlicolore
230,00 € 230,00 € / none
Kilt Chic tartan blanc cassé jaune
230,00 € 230,00 € / none
Kilt Chic tartan classique
à partir de 230,00 €
Kilt chic tartan vert et beige
230,00 € 230,00 € / none
Kilt en jean & wax
à partir de 245,00 €
kilt en jean chic
à partir de 240,00 €
Kilt en jean insert madras
à partir de 245,00 €
Kilt jean
à partir de 230,00 €
Kilt jean & tartan rouge
à partir de 245,00 €

The brand sous les jupes des hommes offers you a selection of kilts, short and long skirts for men. You will also find boxers and night shorts. Each unique piece is made in Nantes and checked before being put online on the site. Sous les jupes des hommes offers a new fashion for men who are looking to assert their style. The skirt has been worn for thousands of years by different cultures: original garment for the Romans, gladiatorial skirts, Scottish kilts, Breton kilts, loincloths, sarouels, court dresses or religious men. Fashion is constantly renewing itself and past trends are coming back into fashion. In the meantime, whether for an occasion or for everyday life, the kilt will be perfect for your ceremonies, the short skirt for summer well-being and long skirts for winter. The liberated man of tomorrow will have the choice to wear what he likes.

Find the partner shops, the workshop shop in Nantes. Create your own look: chic, classic, fashionable or stylish. Contact us for advice on your clothes, how to match your outfits.
Sous les jupes hommes, the clothing brand for the man of tomorrow, free from codes and his image.

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Retrouvez l'ensemble de mes produits à la boutique de :


l'Heureux Hasard

14 quai Marcel Boissard

44400 Rezé

02 51 72 11 59



Contact du créateur

Romain Granger  





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