Let me introduce myself :

My name is Romain Granger, creator of "Sous Les Jupes des Hommes"

Kilt en jean sur mesure associé à un gilet de costume, style et élégance.

After my baccalaureate, I decided to study catering, then I worked for 7 years as a bartender/mixologist. 7 long years stuck in suit trousers and shirts buttoned up to the top, with a strict look and no choice.


That's when I decided to go into fashion with one idea in mind, get my freedom back!


Disappointed by the lack of choice in the men's offer, and after several years of reflection, I gradually began to wear the skirt in the evening and for events. Then, after many experiences, most of which were very positive, I gained confidence in myself and decided to use it on a daily basis.


In the course of meetings, other men speak to me about their wish to wear the skirt, but also about the flagrant problem which opposes to them: the offer is almost non-existent. Moreover, they are confronted with the incomprehension of a system that advocates skirts for women and trousers for men. How can dress codes be changed?


Sous les jupes des hommes is a brand created and made by a man and for men with the aim of allowing the men's wardrobe to be enriched with larger, more colourful raw materials, but also and above all it is a fight against the preconceptions and limits set by society in terms of gender in fashion.


With the help of a few collaborators, I take part in festivals and events in order to propose and open up the men's dressing room and above all to advance mentalities on a wind of freedom.

Le ted x nantes, an unique experience

In 2020, I was contacted by a TED X Nantes coach who offered me the opportunity to speak at an event on the theme of "Un-possible", an incredible experience that I share with you today in this video.

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l'Heureux Hasard

14 quai Marcel Boissard

44400 Rezé

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Contact du créateur

Romain Granger  





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